Professions. Amazing Facts

Some parents tell their baby: "You are the light of my life." But did you know that if you were light, you would orbit the entire globe seven and a half times per second! If you became sound, you could fly around the Earth in 4 hours! These are interesting scientific facts that may interest both an inquisitive child and an adult. Interesting facts that you can get with our toys will help your child learn a lot and develop memory.


Part 1 

-You know, sometimes I play with my beautiful puzzles and think about how good and exciting it is to be a firefighter, a pilot, a school bus driver... Unfortunately, I can't become an employee of every profession, I need to choose one. Will you help me? - the child asked his already old, but wise nanny, who knew lots about lots.

She scratched her silver-streaked head thoughtfully and said softly: "I can't choose a profession for you, but I can tell you about each one, and when you are an adult, remember my words and make your most correct choice."

The baby sat down next to his beloved nanny and seemed to be transported into the world of professional dreams.

- Well, listen... 


The work of firefighters is honourable, but it's very difficult at the same time. 

The very first firefighters in history appeared thousands of years ago when even your city didn't exist. They had to work without any trucks and special equipment, but they had to use buckets and their own hands.

Today, both men and women work in the fire service of most countries.

A fireman's suit, depending on the model, can weigh up to 66 pounds, so this can reach almost half the weight of an adult, and it is very difficult to move around in it.

The water supply in modern fire trucks is within 660 gallons, like five thousand two gallons packs of your favourite juice, but even such a large amount can be used by firefighters in half a minute. 

In some countries, such as Paraguay, there are no firefighters, but instead, brave ordinary people - volunteers, who fight and destroy flames.

Firefighters do not have the right to ignore a call, even if it is fake – for example, if someone pulls the fire alarm as a prank. So, while they are rushing to a false call, their help is really needed somewhere else.

Wow, nanny, it's so exciting and dangerous! But what about doctors? All day and night they help ordinary people and firefighters, as well.

-Oh, dear child, you're right! Doctors are heroes and heroines in white lab coats

The first doctors in the history of mankind were primitive people who lived in the period when even mammoths existed.

In the past, doctors did not have medicines and delicious jelly vitamins, so they used various plants and even resorted to the help of spirits.

The first outstanding doctor was Hippocrates and doctors still take his oath. This oath is like a promise that you make to your mother so they cannot break it.

The doctor of the ancient time Avicenna was so famous that when he was 17 years old, and the ruler of Bukhara fell ill, Avicenna was called to treat him. He managed to heal the ruler and was offered any reward that he could think of. Avicenna did not ask for fabulous wealth, but only a pass to the library - the house of wisdom.

Nowadays, scientists have taught robots to perform operations, and these iron doctors are always ready to help. 

Nanny, doctors are so wise. They're like modern magicians!

-Yes, that's really so. By the way, would you like to know more about modern knights?

-Yes, sure! Tell me, please, about policemen.

The first police officers began working in the 17th century, but before that, pranksters and criminals did not go unpunished. The guards were responsible for law and order so people could have a sweet and peaceful sleep.

The first woman was accepted into the police service in the United States in 1891, she was the first heroine who helped to fight criminal.

In addition to people, animals also work in the police. They bravely help in catching criminals and solving crimes.

A few years ago, the Indian police department took pigeons into service. Some birds were found to be capable of delivering mail, in order to keep secrets, long before the creation of a postal service or email. 

Sometimes not only things and words can help in solving crimes, but even pollen, which can become a rescue compass for police officers.

Wow, all these professions are so cool! These people are superheroes.

-You are right, my child. However, nowadays, no work can be well-coordinated and fast without technologies. We all know about people and animals that help us, but how can firefighters arrive without a truck to a distant place?

-Nanny, nanny, I agree! Tell me about such iron heroes, please.

-I'll tell you about it, but a little later, because this is going to be a big and amazing story…


Part 2 

-I enjoyed playing with puzzles so much, but what about the story about the iron helpers?

-Are you ready to meet them? After all, someday one of them will help you a lot, so you need to respect progress.

-Of course, nanny! One day I will create a superhero for people myself, or I will become one myself!

-Then listen...


The length of the very first flight of the Wright brothers is less than the wingspan of a Boeing – 747 (193 feet). You can walk this distance in a couple of minutes. It seemed then that it was much faster and more convenient to travel by a hot air balloon or airship.

However, the time has passed and now, according to scientists, air travel is the safest one so don't be afraid to explore unknown places by plane.

At the speed of a passenger plane at 621 miles / h, the length of the plane becomes shorter. Who could imagine that speed affects the length? It's like if you were running very fast and shrinking in height!

Oh, just imagine, once, during a flight, a mouse was seen in the cabin of an airplane. The worried crew had to make an emergency landing and remove all passengers. People spent the whole night trying to catch a mouse with cheese and mousetraps. However, they didn't manage to do anything! Then they brought several cats who easily took care of the mouse.


-It's a pity that my parents do not have a plane...

-Oh, don't worry, your parents have a beautiful car and I can state that automobiles have taken an extremely important place in history.

You will tell me about it, won't you?


Cars appeared in our world when the steam engine was invented. It was a time when your distant ancestors lived, who would admire you and your wonderful modern toys. Before that, people rode on different animals, and a little later on bicycles with huge wheels.

On average, a modern car contains about 30,000 parts. Can you imagine 30000 puzzles? This number includes all parts and elements of the modern car. 

If you drive at a speed of 56 miles / h, then you can get to the moon in six months. It's just a pity that the highway hasn't been built there yet.

The largest car in the world is the Belarusian BelAZ truck. The height of this model exceeds twenty-six feet, and the weight is eight hundred tons. It can be called a modern dinosaur among other cars.


Oh, nanny, our world is amazing! Here are wonderful people, magical transport but here are even more fascinating stories about all of these. Will you tell me anything more, please?

-I'm so glad that you are encouraged but it's time to sleep. Our world is amazing thanks to nature and people. You can make this place even better. Sleep, sweetheart, let bright ideas come to your head. A new day will come and new fascinating stories will be waiting for you.

-Good night!