About Us

Our mission and founder's story

Our mission is to strengthen kids’ emotional intelligence and stimulate independent play. For these reasons we make toys supported by audio stories, quizzes, sound games, and coloring books. Our toys are:

1) Unique. These are not toys that will be gathering dust on the shelf in a month. Content is regularly updated and interactive! If you have a need for a fairy-tale/quiz on a specific topic, write to us, we will try to do our best.

2) Designed for independent play. The combination of beautiful physical toys and stories about characters will completely occupy your child as much as screens, while you can confidently do something else, like enjoy a cup of coffee.

3) Focused on emotional intelligence. Our stories teach children how to recognize and control their emotions, which helps them deal with challenges.


Founder’s story 

I'm Maria, the mom of a lovely toddler. Alice is 1 year old. For me, parenting is anything but easy.

- Entertaining a child, creating new games and activities, for me, is an energy-intensive process. I often had a need for a few minutes of my own, to reboot or to do some urgent things. I appreciate toys that my child can play with for a while on her own if they're screen-free.

- As parents, we have so much to explain to our children. For example, the difference between right and wrong, to teach them how to understand and manage their emotions. There are many things we need to teach our kids about the modern world, which is constantly changing. It's not easy.

99% of the existing toys for early development were not suitable for my child, because she didn't have fun and often got even bored to play. I got tired of them, and the game. The emotional connection to my child, and our relationship with her has been much more important to me.

I also noticed that toys for early development were focused on intellectual/physical development, and ignored the emotional sphere. Fairy-tales cope well with this purpose, but most classic ones are outdated. They don't reflect the trends of the modern world. I do not want my daughter to be as complaisant and unmotivated as Cinderella. It's important to me that she has her own opinion.

This is how Narratoys were born.

- Toys that the child is so interested in playing with, that she can do it on her own, and the parent will have rest.

Toys that take care of children's emotions and help them develop empathy.



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