Dino. DIY

While kids working with their hands and creating something on their own, they develop imagination and spatial thinking. They learn to notice the unusual properties of familiar objects and gain important skills that will help them find non-standard ways of solving problems. This also helps develop the emotional sphere. During the creation of the craft, the child experiences the whole gamut of emotions - it can be pleasure, admiration, disappointment - and learns to cope with his feelings.



Once your child has  easily mastered a seven piece puzzle, you can extend the life of the toy by turning it into a playable character in role-playing games. For example, dinosaurs can be drivers of cars / airplanes, pets of dolls, or predators in the animal world. Remember, some of them are meat-eaters and others are plant-eaters, depending on the type.


How to?

The only thing you need is thick cardboard for crafts (if there is no such, you can pre-glue 2 or 3 sheets of cardboard), glue and a felt-tip pen.

You can put an inverted dinosaur on cardboard, draw outlines with a pencil, then remove the puzzle, paint with color and draw facial expressions. You can also draw horns, thorns on the shell and other modifications. Do not forget to involve your child, let him draw the part himself or tell you what modifications  he or she wants. Cut out the drawn dinosaur and glue all the pieces of the puzzle on the backside. Children love to play with toys made by their own hands.