African Animals. Stories

Welcome to the Land of Stories!

We supplement our toys with audio stories that help parents to deal with common parenting challenges. Fairy tales represent a secure space for children. The toy goat faces difficult situations, not your kids. So children are relaxed and open to recommendations. Acting out the fairy tale with toys, kids could perform many different scenarios and find the best solution for themselves, and they are completely busy, so you can do your own things.

Here you can find simple stories about basic emotions and complex stories. These are not just some usual stories but an interesting way to nurture emotional intelligence in you child. 



1. The story about responsible animals

2. The story about a unique animal

3. The story about ill lion   

4. The story about defeated lion 

5. The story about animals who could not listen to each other

6. The story about siblings and a mysterious stranger 

7. The story about fighting siblings 

8. The story about lion’s talents 

9. The story about risky lion and his miraculous saving

10. The story about zebra's loneliness

11. The story about bully lions

12. The story about scared animals




1. The story about sad giraffe

2. The story about scared zebra

3. How did the lioness forget about happiness?

4. The story about handsome lion and his tragedу

5. The story why did kind elephant become angry

6. The story about a jealous lion

7. The story about scared zebra