African Animals Basic Stories

The combination of physical toys and the stories about characters will completely occupy your child, while you can confidently do your own things.
Moreover, we supplement our toys with audio stories that help kids with socialization. Fairy tale language is the native for children compared to logical adult recommendations. Advising certain behavior to your kid is less effective than telling a story about the elephant who behaves in the right way in similar conditions.

The story why did kind elephant become angry

 More stories are available to our customers:
  • The story about drowning zebra (teaches kids about environmental responsibility)
  • The story about a unique animal (explains the importance of diversity) 
  • The story about ill lion (explains that doctors are not scary)
  • The story about defeated lion (teaches kids that the main thing is not victory but participating)
  • The story about animals who could not listen to each other (explains the value of listening to each other)
  • The story about siblings and a mysterious stranger (teaches kids to be smart about strangers) 
  • The story about fighting siblings (helps to handle sibling fights)
  • The story about lion’s talents (explains the distribution of abilities) 
  • The story about risky lion and his miraculous saving (explains the importance of staying away from dangerous places)
  • ... and more

In addition to complex stories, there are 5 stories about basic emotions 

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