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Forest Animal Figures Set

Forest Animal Figures Set


Forest Set with mini book in gift box: Deer, Squirrel, Bear, Wolf, Fox, and Fawn. Realistic animal figures of excellent quality, hand-painted, certified for 18+ months, odorless, will last for 10+ years. As a gift, 3 songs and 5 audio stories about the characters and a mini-book with illustrations are included.

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We offer an interesting and beneficial gift for a child - a developmental set with figures of forest animals. The little ones will occupy themselves independently, deriving pleasure from the game! The playset includes figures of forest animals (6 pcs), a mini-book with colorful illustrations for three songs about them, as well as a sound game, quizzes, and 5 audio stories about the characters in a mobile application.
The audio stories are voiced by professional actors in roles with sound effects to keep even the youngest listeners engaged. The stories are approved by psychologists and contribute to the socialization of the child, develop imagination, and help cope with emotions. The playset will be an ideal gift for children of any gender aged two to seven years. The child will be able to spend time playing with parents and friends, as well as independently.
Realistic animal figurines, recognizable by children of younger age. Dimensions of the figures: Deer - 4.8”, Fawn - 1.7”, Squirrel - 1.85”, Bear Cub - 1.45”, Wolf Cub - 1.65”, Fox Cub - 1.2”
Figures are hand-painted. All materials are completely safe, approved for contact with children aged 18+ months, odorless, not damaged by falls, not afraid of water and dirt. Figures can be taken to the bath and to the beach.