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Online Materials 

We offer a unique developmental product with online materials. After every toy purchase, you will gain access to quizzes, fairy-tales, coloring books, sound games and much more. Our toys will become a whole universe for your child, which will allow them to develop independently. We support the idea that toys should be long-lasting and versatile. Each of our toys can be used independently, and together they can be combined into one big exciting universe.



Most kids love to guess riddles, answer quizzes and they are fascinated by them. Finding a clue is very interesting and fun. It is imperative to encourage children's interest in riddles. Quizzes teach them how to think and analyze, enrich vocabulary, and expand knowledge about the world. Riddles perfectly develop thinking, memory, attention, and perseverance. Our quizzes will help children look for answers in a playful and easy way, which will captivate your child for a long time.

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Live Stories

Stories will help children understand everyday things, understand the world, correctly interpret events and analyze what they have learned. Also, our small stories will help the child develop concentration and explore the colors and body parts of animals and people. In order to capture a child's attention, purposeful, organized activity is necessary for full-fledged mental development.

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Amazing Facts

Some parents tell their baby: "You are the light of my life." But did you know that if you were light, you would orbit the entire globe seven and a half times per second! If you became sound, you could fly around the Earth in 4 hours! These are interesting scientific facts that may interest both an inquisitive child and an adult. Interesting facts that you can get with our toys will help your child learn a lot and develop memory.

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Coloring Book 

Coloring pictures is not only interesting, but also useful. Coloring helps a child expand his knowledge of the world around him, get acquainted with color and shape, get acquainted with the peculiarities of working with crayons and paints and develop fine motor skills. In the process of coloring, visual and kinesthetic channels for obtaining information work, interaction of both sides of the brain develops. And, of course, the child gets positive feedback.

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